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She ran with credit

Monday, 06 May 2019

"Constant use will not wear ragged the fabric of friendship."

Dorothy Parker.

Velvet Vision

It’s an overcast, chilly morning with a slight breeze but still no rain. Everybody who should be is in and working well. We are using the Hamilton Hill as the main canter and so far everything has gone very well. We have several visitors at the yard and stud today who have come to see their horses, both in training and mares and foals.


Garrel Glen ran a creditable race in Sunday’s 1000 Guineas. She got a bit unbalanced and had a barging match once or twice but stayed on well to be beaten only about 9 lengths from the winner. Although it is a bit depleting in the aftermath, on reflection she ran a sound race, will need a bit further and more use being made of her. She had a long raking stride and a very high cruising speed which we never got to see at the weekend. Even if I say so myself she was outstandingly turned out. The team have done a great job and a big thank you goes to them. I think her next race will be at Goodwood at the end of the month where I am sure she will show what she is capable of.

     27_Tilly     30_Vienna
Tilly and Vienna, the cats from at the stud

... but there is only one Bob

I am always going on about how racing has got to help itself and publicise itself. We have just had the first two Classics of the year here at Newmarket and the coverage in the media has been pathetic. If we didn’t have ITV showing it nobody would have any knowledge that they were being run. The BBC have had nothing whatsoever about the Guineas and I put it down to the BHA and Great British Racing who should be bombarding the media with information. The sports desks of every media outlet, be it TV, radio, social media etc. etc. should be getting items sent to them constantly. We would then get our sport a bigger profile, but as it is we are already over a third through the Classics and if you asked anybody who had won, there would be very few of the general public who would know.


The last day of the Punchestown Festival

Saturday, 04 May 2019

"A friend can tell you things you don’t want to tell yourself."

Frances Ward Weller.


On the last day of the Punchestown Festival both Richard and I are still in profit, which is remarkable considering the amount of races per card. It has been an amazing meeting with some tremendous racing and is an event that you all need to attend just once in your lifetime. Our selections for today are below:

2.35  Josies Orders    3.10  Spider Web    3.50  Benie Des Dieux    4.25  French Made    5.00  Bellow Mome    5.35  Shanning    6.10  Tactical Move    6.40  Flat To The Max

2.35  Josies Orders    3.10  Measureofmydreams    3.50  Benie Des Dieux    4.25  Fusil Raffles    5.00  Walk To Freedom    5.35  Out of the Loop    6.10  Tactical Move    6.40  Shakespearsgalley

Standings so far: MHT pkus £148.90 and Richard plus £162.00

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