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Garrel Glen runs in the 1000 Guineas on Sunday

Friday, 03 May 2019

"He is a wise man who does not grieve for the things which he has not, but rejoices for those which he has."


Garrel Glen out this morning

It’s an overcast start to the day once again, but no wind and certainly no rain, although we did have 12 spots at some stage last night. It is forecast to get colder with random showers so I am not too hopeful of any rain over the weekend. We have one non-runner on the riding front this morning but that has not held us up much and we have been getting everything out and cantered, mainly using the Rubbing House Polytrack and a few on the Round. All has gone well.

Belle Bayeux

We have just the one runner this weekend where Garrel Glen takes her chance in the 1,000 Guineas. It is quite a while since I had a runner in this - I think the last one was Honest Guest in the late 90s - who ran very respectably. We have been very pleased with how Garrel Glen has trained this spring, her work has been good, she is a very athletic, strong filly who has only got better over the winter. Everybody has done a tremendous job, especially Willy who has been riding her constantly. I am sure the field will be up to its normal standard and there will be at least 14 runners if not 16. I don’t think we will be out of place in this field as she has cracking experience, doesn’t mind the ground and it will be an exciting day for everybody.

Firebreak ex Diapason

There was a fascinating figure released yesterday from the Office of National Statistics which showed the gambling industry in the United Kingdom paid almost £3 billion in duty in the year ending 31st March. It’s an unbelievable figure that the government received into their general coffers mainly off the back of our industry. The pathetic return we get on this is ridiculous and just shows how underfunded we are and inefficient our leaders must be at trying to get the bookmakers and government to pay us a proper return. We are not asking for the world, but just a fair return and if we got double or treble what we are getting now, it would revolutionise our sport, but only if our leaders knew what they were doing.

Velvet Vision coming in from the paddock yesterday

After three days of the Punchestown Festival both Richard and I are in profit which is unbelievable. I am sure we have found you more winners this time than from any other tipping competition we have had. I just nudged ahead yesterday but it is very close and with two days to go, we will be trying to keep the momentum going. I am sure there will be plenty of sore heads within the local vicinity and you wouldn’t want to guess how many pints of Guinness have been downed this week. Our efforts are below.


3.40  Change Your Story    4.20  Poker Party    4.55  Ask Susan    5.30  Apple’s Jade    6.05  Sams Profile    6.35  Stand Up And Fight    7.10  Dunvegan    7.45  Longhouse Poet


3.40  Alpha Male    4.20  Real Steel    4.55  Moyhenna    5.30  Melon    6.05  City Island    6.35  Caid Du Berlais    7.10  Breaken    7.45  Real Thief

Standings so far: MHT plus £88.90 and Richard plus £77.00


The horses are moving well

Thursday, 02 May 2019

"Common sense is instinct. – Enough of it is genius."

George Bernard Shaw.

Break Cover and Half Past Eight

It’s another glorious day, warm, no wind and blue sky. I see the forecast is for it to rain today, but I will believe it when I see it. The horses have been going in all directions this morning, some over Bury Side and the others on Racecourse Side where we have been using all the different canters. I have just started to put a bit more work into the two-year-olds to get them ready to make their first appearance on the track. All has gone well and it looks like we have a good bunch, but you never really know until you get them on the racecourse.

Moving well

The big news yesterday was Ruby Walsh retiring from the saddle after his win on Kemboy in the Punchestown Gold Cup. He has been a fantastic jockey and great ambassador to the sport and we are very lucky to have AP McCoy, Ruby and Richard Johnson all in the same generation. He retired when he wanted to and will be a great addition to the broadcasting and media of our sport. He tells it as it is, like his father, and with him and AP McCoy both on the TV we should get some sound sensible comments, rather than the benign gobbledegook we get from the majority at present. Everybody wishes him a long and healthy retirement.

Walking back to the yard

Our last foal was a few days premature and has given us some problems. In the first day of her life she was a bit dehydrated and needed some help. I am pleased to say that with lots of attentive care and good veterinary work she is going the right way now and showing great improvement.

     14_Pageant     10_Pageant

Pageant Master turned out in the paddock and having fun

Punchestown continues today and both Richard and I found a few winners yesterday with the scores at present MHT minus £20.10 and Richard plus £29.50. I managed to claw back a little bit and let’s hope I can do so again today. It is a great festival to go to and, with most days starting a bit later in the day, the crowds are fantastic as there is time to do other things during the morning. Our old racing club, which was run in those days by Phil Green, had a very famous day there years ago when Staunch Friend won the Champion Hurdle very easily under Steve Smith-Eccles. There are many very funny stories about the aftermath of that day. Our efforts today are below.


3.40  Bercasa    4.15  Moon Over Germany    4.50  Sizing Coal    5.30  Bapaume    6.05  Young Ted    6.40  Defi Du Seuil    7.15  Elfile    7.45  Sixshooter


3.40  Sil Ver Klass    4.15  Snugsborough Hall    4.50  Josies Orders    5.30  Dortmun Park    6.05  My Sister Sarah    6.40  Chacun Pour Soi    7.15  Black Tears    7.45  Fury Road


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