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                     Four Fifty Three wins at                      Chelmsford


Day two and let's hope we do better today

Wednesday, 20 June 2018

"A preoccupation with the future not only prevents us from seeing the present as it is but often prompts us to rearrange the past."

Eric Hoffer.

On the Rubbing House polytrack

It’s an overcast morning which means the temperature is not too hot yet. With a slight breeze we have had three lots out in very good conditions. It is forecast to get warmer as the day goes on but it is certainly not as muggy as yesterday. We have the same number of staff in as yesterday so we are slightly under pressure but everybody is working well and the horses are getting a good exercise. The ground at the tracks where I have entries is firming up so it looks like we will not have many runners until we get a drop of rain.


It’s the second day of Royal Ascot and I can only say that Richard and I were very poor in our advice yesterday. We are both trying harder today and let’s hope one of us can find a winner. Yesterday was a day without too much sparkle and once again a winning horse kept the race after its jockey broke the whip rules. It was great to see one of Lambourn’s old true racing families have a great day winning the Queen Anne with their homebred and home owned horse. Our selections are below.


2.30  Servalan    3.05  Stream Of Stars    3.40  Hydrangea    4.20  Poet’s Word    5.00 Saltonstall    5.35  Could It Be Love


2.30  Shades Of Blue   3.05  Nelson   3.40  Urban Fox   4.20  Cracksman    5.00  Surrey Hope    5.30  Headway

Standings so far: MHT minus £60 and Richard minus £60

On the lookout for a cuddle

Royal Ascot had plenty of police on show yesterday along with sniffer dogs and their usual gatemen. It sounds like their added security worked the oracle and there was no trouble, both during, and after racing. Let’s hope it continues like this and other racecourses take note as we don’t want any more of the bad publicity we have had in the last month or so. I am sure with the imminent music night fixtures about to hit most of the racecourses all executives will be planning their security. Hopefully they get it right.


Day one of Royal Ascot

Tuesday, 19 June 2018

"The best time to make friends is before you need them."

Ethel Barrymore.

Cantering on the Rubbing House polytrack

True Calling

It’s a very warm morning once again, in fact it’s quite uncomfortable in a muggy way. The forecast is for it to get warmer as the day goes on and continue like it all week. We have had a good morning with the horses so far, although we are a couple of staff down. We also have one on holiday and one in hospital. Just a normal day in any training yard. Most of the horses have been cantering on the Rubbing House polytrack and we did school a couple of three-year-olds who are going to run at Market Rasen on Friday. Both went ok.

     04_Voice     05_Fire
(L-R) Velvet Voice and Astrofire


It’s the first day of Royal Ascot today, which is starting off on good to firm ground. I think the Clerk of the Course will be watering tonight but I am sure he will wait and see how the draw will take effect. The first three races are on the straight course so there will be a pattern emerging pretty quickly. Richard Marriott and I are having our normal tipping competition to a £10 win on every race throughout the week and may the best man win. Our selections are below.


2.30  Rhododendron    3.05  The Irish Rover    3.40  Lady Aurelia    4.20  U S Navy Flag    5.00  Dannyday  5.35  Mirage Dancer


2.30  Benbatl    3.05  Sergei Prokofiev    3.40  Mabs Cross    4.20  Tip Two Win    5.00  Meri Devie    5.35  Big Country

Rum Ration and Saint Anthony schooling

One of my bugbears is over complicating things. I like to keep things simple and straightforward. This new computer system that the BHA has brought in is enough to drive you to drink as they have changed so many things. They have also taken away the ability for trainers secretary’s to do so much more for the owners, i.e. sponsorship which is always complicated and time consuming. Why the ROA and the National Trainers Federation agreed to these changes I just don’t know. Most owners just want to turn up and watch their horse run without all the form filling and computer blips that are such a waste of time. If we are to encourage new owners everything wants to be simple and very easy to set up. The way it is now it is so complicated but once again the BHA has brought it upon themselves. There may be a few owners who like to do it themselves but they are professional owners who are trying to make money out of it, not normal owners who want the enjoyment and excitement that owning a horse can bring.


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