Plenty of people turned out for the Open Day ...

Racehorses in Training

Name Photo DetailsOwner




INDIAN RED 49_Ex_Missouri_14 2014 Ch.g Sir Percy ex Missouri AEDOS, Sexton & Tompkins 4
GINGER LADY    19_Ex_Theola 2014 Ch.f. Helmet ex Theola Graham & Yolanda King 4
VELVET VOICE  35_Velvet_Voice 2014 B.f Azamour ex Battery Power Sarabex 4


ASTROBREEZE 26_Astrobreeze 2015 B.f Lawman ex Astromagick Mystic Meg Ltd 3
FOUR FIFTY THREE 48_4-53 2015 B.g Kheleyf ex Velvet Waters Sarabex 3
ROOF GARDEN 113_Roof_Garden 2015 Ch.g Cityscape ex Celebrity Sarabex 3
VELVET VISION 22_Velvet_Vision 2015 B.f Nathaniel ex Battery Power Sarabex 3
ASTROBLAZE 203_Ex_Donna 2015 Ch.f Havana Gold ex Astrodonna Mystic Meg Ltd 3
ASTROJEWEL 35_Ex_Astrolibra_15 2015 B.f Havana Gold ex Astrolibra Mystic Meg Ltd 3
ASTROFIRE 21_Ex_Astromancer 2015 B.f Kheleyf ex Astromancer Mystic Meg Ltd 3
NESS OF BRODGAR 48_Missouri 2015 B.f Harbour Watch ex Missouri Tompkins, Harvey, King & Tompkins 3
TRUE CALLING 20_Ex_Trew_Class 2015 Ch.f Pastoral Pursuits ex Trew Class Raceworld 3


ASTROMERRY 07_Merry 2016 Br.f Farhh ex Astrodonna Mystic Meg Ltd 2
ASTROSPARKLE 08_Diva_16 2016 B.f Dunaden ex Astrodiva Mystic Meg Ltd 2
FARNE ODYSSEY 17_Farme 2016 B.f Farhh ex Diverting Mr A Reed 2
GARRISON LAW 06_Garrison 2016 B.g Garswood ex Cushat Law Mr M Franklin 2
ISAAC MURPHY 35_Isaac 2016 B/Br.g Medaglia d'Oro ex Marietta Sarabex 2
MELO PEARL 02_Melo 2016 Ch.f Paco Boy ex Jewelled Mr M Franklin 2
PAGEANT MASTER 01_Pageant 2016 Ch.c Casamento ex Skiphall AEDOS & Tompkins 2
QUANAH 28_Quanah 2016 Ch.g Dandy Man ex Boucheron Killarney Glen & Sarabex 2
VELVET VISTA 04_Vista 2016 B.f Sea The Moon ex Battery Power Sarabex 2
GARREL GLEN 01_ex_Azure 2016 Ch.f Mount Nelson ex Azure Mist Mr David Noblett 2
BELLE BAYEUX 08_Ex_Trew 2016 B.f Epaulette ex Trew Class AEDOS & Tompkins 2
ROSIE SCOT 22_Rosie 2016 B.f Holy Roman Emperor ex Nisriyna Paul Newman & Des Leadon 2